As humans living in the current world we carry trauma and confusion in our bodies, hearts and minds.

This pain then repeats in our thoughts and negetively impacts our behaviours and choices, sometimes for years or deacades of our precious life.

We are souls learning how to be human but being human is difficult and down right scary some of the time!

Navigating our way through the burdens of the past and remaining empowered in everyday life is very challenging without the right tools.

And these days the worlds of old age phsychotherapy and new age spirituality seem to make things even more confusing!

How can we use the spiritutal concepts, cosmic understandings and emotional intelligence to help us in our everyday life?

How do we take these philosphies out of our heads and into our hearts and bodies so we can thrive on earth instead of just surviving another day?

So we can feel safe, confident, loved and energised; with a clarity of our purpose and a harmonisation of our emotions?

How do we heal from the damage of our past experiences and move on with our life free to BE?

This is where the How to Be Your Own Guru Earth Expansion Workshop can help you.


This is a soul on earth expansion course- taking the airy fairy out of spirituality and the shame out of therapy. Giving you the keys to a grounded spiritual life, in a fun and supported space.

This four day course is the Practical Magic Academy's most popular training.

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"This course came to me at just the right time, and allowed me the space and freedom to consciously walk the path of self trust, tools at the ready.

I now have a library and a head and a heart full of resources! Most importantly, they work: they allow me to find the stillness, peace, joy and beauty within and lead to changes without. It was a journey that was a joy to be on!!"

Amy Sinclair

" I can truly say that this inner work has allowed me to remain in a place of compassion and empathy for all that surround me. This course gave me a safe and protected space to receive insight into myself, my sense of purpose and how to interpret, read and utilise my energy to forge a more balanced life.

I am now able to sit in a place of equanimity"

Tohmas Carreau-Reade


  • wants control over their energetic space with clear boundries
  • feels lost or unclear about their life's purpose
  • wishes to better understand themselves, their unique gifts, reactions, patterns and responses
  • desires to become self accepting with a delightful intra-personal relationship
  • wants more loving inter-personal relationships
  • is seeking a deeper knowledge of universal laws applied to earth
  • is ready to clear emotional and mental blocks to a flow of joy and creativity
  • wants practical applications for a spiritually aligned life, clarity around spiritual philosophy and tools for emotional resolve


These methods and insights have been gathered and developed by Eliza Kendall Hather over many years of personal study and professional work.  

As a palliative nurse, an empath, a clairvoyant medium, a quantum healer, clinical and past life regression hypnotherapist, shamanic trance therapist and spiritual coach for 23 years, Eliza has learned many skills and communicated with many advanced beings in the physical and in the higher dimensions (4/5D).

During these two weekend workshop she will present to you her perspective. A unique understanding from a lifetime of spirutal study and personal development.

Eliza is dedicated to anchoring the frequencies of a peaceful and loving world into the earth. She believes it is her life purpose to help you find that peace within by sharing all that she has learned. For the highest benefit of all life on earth; she believes we must first come to truly know ourselves. Know how to activate our intuitive wisdom and learn the art of self healing and autonomy.


"The intention-fuelled container that Eliza created meant I felt safe and healed just by attending. The mix of knowledge and information presented by Eliza complemented the experiential learning she facilitated.  

Eliza embodies the wisdom she has with grace, candour, reverence, kindness and most importantly, humour and fun." - Amy Sinclair

" Eliza is extremely friendly and knowledgable. She has the relevant experience and it shows, along with her enthusiasm which is contagious."

" beautifully eloquent and pragmatic her truth is expressed in her ability to walk her talk and be a shining example of what it is to be a practical spiritual human."


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The next round of this course is being held in October 2017,
in The Anchors of Love Studio in Clifton Hill Melbourne.

Full attendance required for these four dates:

11.00am- 6.00pm 7th Octbor 2017
11.00am- 6.00pm 8th October 2017

11.00am- 6.00pm 14th October  2017
11.00am- 6.00pm 15th October 2017

Full vegan, gluteen free lunch, activated medicinal tea and raw chocolates included all four days.


  • effective grounding and stabilising of daily life
  • how to create your dreams into your physical reality
  • energetic protection and boundaries
  • your shadow aspects; how to illuminate and transform them
  • playful methods to do your own emotional and trauma release
  • chakra activation and clinical hypnosis
  • life's purpose and lessons; destiny and past lifes
  • the meaning of soul mates and soul contracts; how to harmonise or attract them
  • effective use of your intuition and the omens in synchronicity
  • spirit and animal guidance connection and interpretation
  • easy to access states of mindfulness
  • extra sensory gifts like clairvoyance and empathy
  • quantum healing
  • and much more!